Photo Highlights: Rome, Italy 2012

In Rome, I tried an Airbnb apartment for the first time. And the last time. The apartment was spacious and located in a central area, along Via di Capo le Case, near Trevi Fountain and the Fontana del Tritone (Triton’s Fountain). I typically pick hotels within walking distance to train stations, and this apartment met my minimum requirements. Unfortunately, the door to the apartment building had a faulty lock, and more often than not, it refused to open!

Airbnb didn’t give a damn. When I called them, they basically said, “If you can unlock the door to the apartment, there is no problem.” I’m paraphrasing, of course. But fact was, they didn’t care if you got stuck outside the building overnight. We tried propping the door open before leaving the building, but often returned to find it closed. Sometimes, we spent long minutes waiting outside that door hoping someone would come out of the building so we could go in. At other times, we desperately jabbed buttons on the intercom, hoping someone was at home and could open the door (oh, and also that they could understand English). There were, thankfully, some lucky times that jiggling the key unlocked the door. I’m grateful, too, for the few helpful passersby who worked at the lock for us.

Despite the hassle of that apartment, I enjoyed my five nights’ stay and took hundreds of photos, though Rome is far from one of my favorite cities.

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Triton’s Fountain & Dinner at Moma Restaurant:

Rome in the Day:

Trevi Fountain & Evil Broken Pillar at Palatine Hill:

In and Around Cathedrals, Churches, and the Vatican City:

From the Eyes of An Angel:

I love evil-looking sculptures!

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