About Gwen

Gwen Phua lives in a land of costly cars, where her favorite getaway involves catching rides on clouds. Some spun of mist, some of sparks, and others of pure magic.

Ok, actually … Gwen writes her way onto those clouds, dreaming up worlds of science fiction and fantasy. She also does more mundane freelance writing, in the course of which she’s interviewed numerous individuals, from real estate agents to Nobel prize-winning scientists. Projects she’s worked on (writing/rewriting/copyediting) include corporate commemorative books, business and science books, and even casino tender documents. In addition, she’s reviewed many iOS apps and games, and occasionally writes for iFanzine.com.

Gwen is a graduate of The Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers’ Workshop and member of the Codex Writers’ Group, an amazing community of pro and neo-pro SFF writers. Her alma mater is the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, from which she graduated in food science.

Since her teens, Gwen has dabbled in martial arts. She also indulges in travel photography whenever she can, and currently shoots with a Canon 700D. Kit lens only, because anything better is too heavy.