The Real Me vs the Not Me

Sometimes I google myself to check what comes up. In case anyone out there tries hunting for me, I hope they realize not every Gwen Phua is me, even though it isn’t a common name. Most of the results do point to me, due to the large number of app reviews I’ve written in the past. Unfortunately, the top listing, the Gwen Phua on LinkedIn, is NOT me.

I’m not a secretary, have never been a secretary, and will never be. Neither have I ever been a sales assistant. Or studied in Australia. My alma mater is the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

I just wanted to make that clear, in case anyone mistakenly assumes LinkedIn Gwen is me. Because you never know, a writer could be a secretary too, but I’m not … even though I can type fast. So don’t try to add me to your LinkedIn. I’m not there.

Interestingly, I discovered my name appears in Wikipedia, as a reference listing stemming from an app review I wrote.

It is, btw, safe to follow me on Twitter. That is the true writer Gwen.

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