Deleted But Revived

On Friday, my entire site got deleted. Not by me. I’m sharing a hosting account with my dad’s company, and the web developer redoing the company website did something that got the folder containing my entire WordPress site deleted. This was why I was very very reluctant to give them cPanel access.

It was a disaster to me. When I called the developer to complain, the guy said he’d check on it. He spent a good amount of time talking to his developer. In the meantime while I was waiting, I kept thinking, Why now? I don’t have the time to redo my entire site from scratch!

He should have told me right from the start that I could contact my hosting provider to get them to restore everything from their last midnight backup. Of course, he had to wait to tell me this. After all, in every story, you’ve got to drag out the conflict to maximize the climax. My novel edits suffered for it.

Anyhow, I got my site back by talking to Namecheap in Live Chat. Whew.