Photo Highlights: Lokrum Island, Croatia 2012

While in Dubrovnik, I took a boat to Lokrum island, a nature reserve with a medieval monastery, interesting gardens, and lotsa peacocks. The botanic gardens had a strange citrus tree with velvety-skinned fruits that had a wondrous floral scent, which, to me, smelled better than perfume. I couldn’t resist picking up a few dropped fruit. I have no clue what kind of citrus fruit they were, but don’t think they were edible, since they were oozing sap and crammed with seeds when I cut one open out of curiosity.

Aside from the citrus trees, there were pineapple-lookalike palm (or whatever) trees, an olive grove, and strange cactus “feet” with red “toes”. Too bad none of the peacocks fanned out their tail for me….

*Click on any photo to load a larger image.

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