Photo Highlights: Venice, Italy 2012

Since I haven’t been keeping my photo gallery up-to-date, I thought I’d post highlights of my travels instead. Here’s Venice in early Oct, 2012. I liked Venice a lot more than Florence or Rome, because I enjoy exploring small, quaint places on foot, and loved the total absence of cars. If not for the cigarette smoke, the air would have been beautifully pollution free.

*Click on any photo to load a larger image.

This shot deserves special mention …

Because … I dropped my iPhone into the canal while taking this picture! Somehow it slipped out of my bag. I immediately plunged my hand into the murky water and grabbed my phone off the step (luckily there was a step!). After I poured the water out of my phone, a film of black gunk was left in the charging port. Amazingly it was still working, and the white water indicators Apple put in the 4S ports didn’t even trip (turn pink). More importantly, I could still use GPS tracking.

Sorry for not coming up with captions, but photos speak for themselves! 🙂

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